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Toronto event planner

Tinsel and Bubbly Events is your Toronto event planner! Whether you’re having a pool party, film premiere, holiday party or something else, we can help you plan and execute it. With out-of-the-box ideas and the creativity to turn them into real events, Tinsel and Bubbly will help you make lasting memories. For more information, visit […]

Company holiday party planning

Planning a company holiday party can be a daunting task, so here are a few tips to help get you started! Guest List: Decide on your guest list at the very beginning stages of planning your company holiday party. Do you want just employees or employees plus their guests? The answer will set the stage […]

It’s not too early to plan your TIFF after party

Yes, it’s only June, but it is cutting it close to planning a really good after party for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) coming this September. Places are going to be booked up before you know it, so get in touch with us today, ASAP, to plan your TIFF after party. Ideally, you should […]

How to make your event more sustainable and green

Today, the “greening” of events is a thing. People are conscious of their carbon footprints and the waste they create. Events are notorious for being wasteful. Here’s a few ways on how you can “green” your event. 1. Don’t use plastic bags during your event. Not for gift bags, not for merchandise bought. I don’t […]

What to do with guests who don’t RSVP

If you normally have people showing up to your events that don’t bother to RSVP, you need to account for them in the future. This could mean by getting extra food and drinks, to increasing your guest count for your venue. Never ever turn a guest away from your event. It’s not good. They will […]

How to treat VIP guests

How to treat VIP guests

In our previous post we spoke about treating each guest as a VIP. But what happens when you have extremely high profile guests attending your event? What on earth do you do? First and foremost, have adequate security and make sure the event team has two way radios with headsets. Arrange for your VIP guests’ […]

Treat your guests like VIP

How to give your guests the VIP experience

One thing to remember when hosting an event is to treat all guests as if they were VIPs. They will remember the experience more. This isn’t to say have them all submit riders and submit to their demands. It just means, treat them to the highest regard possible to give them a pleasant experience. What […]

Top 3 Elements of Events

Top 3 elements of a great event

We all want our events to be chic and classy affairs; at least we do here at Tinsel and Bubbly Events Inc. No one wants to show up to an upscale dinner party with a sketchy child’s magician doing really bland tricks with cheesy carnival music playing to his (or hers) antics. Just saying. Not […]

Guide to Hosting an Event

Guide to hosting an event

Here’s a quick guide to event hosting from Tinsel and Bubbly Events Inc. Guest list If having an event where a guest list is required, send out an RSVP two months before the event to get an accurate head count. It’s been recorded that some guests who RSVP don’t show up. With that said, save […]