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Masquerade Party

You know what would be cool? A masquerade party! A masquerade party in Shakespearean style, all midsummer night dream-ish!

No, there wouldn’t be Shakespearean actors talking in that oh so familiar dialect (unless you really want that – but I think that’s a bit over the top and a little cheesy), but there would be beautiful dresses, elaborate masks (and hairstyles if you include it in your dress code) and a castle. Casa Loma anyone?

Food could be of the medieval era, or, modern fare. Music would be live string and wood instruments played by musicians, also masked (hopefully they can see their sheet music!).

And the rest of the evening’s activities are up to you! Or you can hire Toronto event planner, Tinsel and Bubbly Events, to help put a magical midsummer evening together for you. Contact us to start planning!

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